Food is for eating by Angela Morelli

Angela Morelli, an interaction designer who was on the Camp facilitation team, is dedicated to how scientific information is communicated so as to increase awareness and engagement. She has spent a good part of the last year working on a new graphic story called ‘Food is for eating‘. Based on data from the Food & Agricultural Organisation, FAO, Angela’s new infographic informs the reader about food wastage and how it can be saved.

She says of the project: “The project is the result of a belief that communicating science with clarity and beauty can spark understanding and engagement. It is the result of eleven months’ work spent studying, discussing and researching, in order to imagine and design a good story through the right balance of words and images. The project has been almost a zero-budget project, I was blessed having the support of an incredible design advisor, Tom Halsør, how lucky!

A year ago she published a project called The Water We Eat based on research by Prof Allan, water scientist and inventor of the Virtual Water concept.  See more of her work here.