Camp Collaboration: Artists Without a Cause (AWAC)

New, collaborative projects are one of the most beneficial outcomes of Tactical Tech’s camps. None have developed so quickly as Diana and Linda’s formation of Artists Without A Cause (AWAC), announced on the last day of the 2013 Info-Activism Camp.


Diana Arce and Linda Kronman, based in Germany and Austria respectively, are artists and designers interested in social change. Both were inspired by the week-long training and nearing the end of the camp they discussed a question that had been troubling them: How can activists better collaborate and incorporate artists into their cause? The result of this discussion was to form an organisation that would work to connect artists with activists to support each other in their work.

AWAC aims to create a common language between goal-oriented and focused activists and process-oriented artists working on the same issues and to bridge the gap between these two groups. They intend to connect organisations and activists who are interested in engaging with audiences and participants using new, diverse and creative methods with artists who create socially and politically engaged artwork.

The organisation is broken down into three sections: the Knowledge Bank, Artistic Think Tank and a Matchmaking Service.

The Knowledge Bank will research collaborations between artists and organisations, compile collections of actions that have taken place, as well as artists working on social and political matters. This will create a resource for researchers, artists and organisations to find information about the inner workings behind various projects and also learn how to better work with each other to achieve their goals.

The Artistic Think Tank will be created out of rotating team of art practitioners and work with organisers in developing concepts and tactics in order to meet their specific goals. Organisations will have the opportunity to receive assistance with specific goals, tools to help strategise tactics, as well as receive help with engaging artists with their causes.

AWAC will also function as a Matchmaking Service for Artists looking for activist and organisational support for artworks they have already or are planning to develop. This can range from simple publicity, research sharing and sourcing, to funding of projects. AWAC hope to better coordinate artists, especially those working in the genres of intervention and subversion, with organisations that can utilise their actions as part of a campaign, while maintaining individual artistic integrity.

In the short space of time since the Camp concept notes have been written, funding has been applied for and other camp participants have put their hand up to help out. Watch this space for more exciting news from the first organisation formed at the camp.

Diana Arce can be contacted via twitter @visualosmosis or via email here. You can get in touch with Linda via email here