The Evidence & Influence Micro-magazine is a compilation of multi-media stories about and by the participants who attended Tactical Tech’s Info-Activism Camp 2013.

Spanning issue areas reflected in the Camp participants’ work  − environmental justice, gender-based violence, transparency and accountability − each Micro-magazine issue features stories about how info-activists around the world are combining information with and imagination and creativity to move evidence-based advocacy forward.

The Micro-magazine is both a showcase of work and a space to continue conversations around the issues and practices of evidence-based advocacy started at Camp. Each article invites discussions that are open to everyone; we especially hope they will include those who are interested in the Camp and what we did there but could not attend it.

In each issue of the Micro-magazine contributor’s stories fall into three categories that show the different functions of, or possibilities in,  evidence-based advocacy. First, stories consider the ways in which digital technologies have shaped the landscape of advocacy by changing who is able to witness, collect, analyse, investigate and leak information. Second, there are stories that show how people are working with information to introduce new or unexpected perspectives or discourses on well-known issues. Finally,  contributors also look at how information and digital technologies are being used to empower communities to address the issues that matter to them. We refer to these three categories as: Document, Expose, Investigate; Flip the Narrative; Empowering Communities. They aren’t really watertight but are useful ways of thinking about different uses of information in evidence-based advocacy.

We’re going to produce four issues of the Micro-magazine based on contributions collected at the Camp. We will also continue to add new content from Camp participants and anyone else who’d like to contribute and share updates on work that has evolved through connections made at the Camp.  Please get in touch if you would like to add your content or have ideas or comments.