Concept, creative direction, editorial & production: Maya Ganesh, Tanya Notley

Production support: Emma Prest, Eva Blum-Dumontet

Camera & sound: Mathilde Baker; with Tobias Adam (sound) for the ‘Protest Salon’

Video editing: Yogensha Productions, Bangalore

Design & illustration: La Loma; Maya Zankoul; Angel Installations


Issue #4 Protest









Emma Prest

Jake Levitas

Lobna Darwish

Marcelo Marquesini

Mathilde Baker

Maya Ganesh

Ozlem Kaya

Sami Ben Gharbia

Tanya Notley


Cover images credits:

  • Liberation Support Movement. Design by Rupert Garcia. From the Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections.
  • An Egyptian protester wears a Guy Fawkes mask while posing for a photo next to a mural painted on the exterior wall of the Presidential Palace in Cairo. It depicts President Mohammed Morsi, left, former Military Council ruler Hussein Tantawi, centre and ousted President Mubarak with Arabic. AP Photo/Nasser Nasser.
  • A graffiti can that is part of a piece depicting Gadhafi as a rat fleeing the February 17 revolution in Tripoli, Libya. Artist unknown.
  • A poster for a march to bring troops home as part of the Stop the War campaign against the Vietnamese war. Artist unknown.
  • ‘Labour clears the way,’ 1909 election poster. Artist unknown.
  • ‘Women bring all voters into the world ~ Let women vote.’ Campaign poster from 1919. Artist unknown.
  • ‘Free the SF8’ – A campaign to free former black panthers and community leaders after being charged in 2007. Campaign poster by
  • ‘Egypt will rise, Mubarak must go.’ By Nick Bygon.
  • ‘Smash the Bull, Distribute the Candy.’ By Nato Thompson.
  • ‘Palestine fist’, 2005. By Carlos Latuff.
  • Street graffiti in Egypt 2011. Artist unknown.

Issue #3 Transparency + Accountability Contributors









Amira Khalil


Eliot Higgins

Emma Prest

Furhan Hussain

Javie Ssozi

Juan Casanueva

Lila Caballero

Lucy Chambers

Lydia Medland

Mathilde Baker

Maya Ganesh

Murray Hunter

Natasha Msonza

Paul Radu

Sam Smith

Sami Ben Gharbia

Tanya Notley

Tendai Carter Muchada



Issue #2 Gender + Violence Contributors









Bishakha Datta

Dalia Othman

Furhan Hussain

Mathilde Baker

Maya Indira Ganesh

Nancy Schwartzman

Nighat Dad

Tanya Notley




Issue #1 Environment+Justice Contributors









Angela Morelli

Arpitha Kodiveri


Carolijn Terwindt

Daniela de Silva

Enda Murray

Eva Blum-Dumontet

Hagit Keysar

Marcelo Marquesini

Mathilde Baker

Maya Indira Ganesh

Mikel Maron


Reuben Muni

Sarah Hipsley

Seelan Palay

Tanya Notley

Tracy Frauzel