Evidence to save Amazonian rainforests


Marcelo has been campaigning to protect the Amazon rainforests and communities for the last 15 years. More recently, he co-founded the Escola de Ativismo, or School of Activism in Brazil. Here he talks about why collecting evidence on Amazon destruction matters but also he tells us about people who have been killed trying to do just this.

Additional Resources:
Hear Claudio speak at the TED talk mentioned in this video on the murder of Claudia and his wife Maria (with english subtitles.
A video about the work and the murder of Sister Dorothy (Portuguese)
Visit the Escola de Ativismo (School of Activism) website

Interview by Daniela De Silva
Subtitles by Karla Sessin-Dilascio

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One thought on “Evidence to save Amazonian rainforests

  1. Thanks for sharing this story Marcelo. I watched the extra link you gave to Claudio’s TED talk. It’s so sad to know how he realised he was at great risk for speaking out and yet was not given any protection.

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